Report: Grizzlies Not Interested in Monta Ellis

by May 31, 2010

The Commercial Appeal says the Grizz plan to keep their team intact heading into next season, and says not to pay any attention to Monta Ellis buying a home in Memphis: “They still plan to take the best player available regardless of position during the June 24 draft. They still plan to re-sign Rudy Gay and Ronnie Brewer during the free-agent period. They still plan to negotiate with Zach Randolph regarding a contract extension. They still are lecturing Randolph on being more careful about the company he keeps. The Grizzlies are in the same mode of operation they employed a week ago before Randolph produced his latest double-double: mentions in two separate police reports in less than 24 hours. Randolph was implicated in an Indianapolis drug investigation and Los Angeles-area strip club fight but the All-Star forward has avoided charges and arrest in both cases. Yes, the Grizzlies are frustrated in the wake of this public relations hit. But to the question of whether Randolph’s latest controversy will re-shape the Grizzlies’ draft and/or free-agent strategy, the answer is no … Golden State guard Monta Ellis’ decision to purchase an Eads home formerly owned by Memphis native Lorenzen Wright does not mean the Griz and Warriors have re-ignited trade talks from earlier this season.Ellis, a Jackson, Miss. native, purchased the home along with Juanika M. Amos (reportedly a Memphis-area native) after Wright and his wife, Sherra, defaulted on a $2.7 million construction loan last year. Ellis’ move fed more speculation given the Warriors asked the Griz about acquiring O.J. Mayo last November.”