Report: Jahlil Okafor to Be Tailed By a Security Guard When He Goes Out

The Philadelphia Sixers are reportedly assigning security detail to their prized rookie center, this after Jahlil Okafor was recently involved in some embarrassing and dangerous off-the-court incidents.

Okafor’s camp is said to have made the request for a security guard to follow the big guy around.

The 19-year-old leading Rookie of the Year candidate is putting up 17.5 points and 8.2 rebounds for the 0-18 Sixers.


The request for security came from Okafor’s handlers, who asked the 76ers to make a security guard available to their first-round draft pick out of Duke. The Sixers did not return a phone call seeking comment, but two sources said the club will honor the request.


“A lot of teams do that for their players anyway,” a source close to Okafor said. “So from now on, the Sixers are going to have someone at his disposal full-time.”


Okafor, who leads all NBA rookies with an average of 17.5 points, took responsibility for his misbehavior in a series of tweets Sunday. Those close to Okafor have let him know in no uncertain terms that he cannot keep putting himself in positions where negative things can occur. […] “We’re all over him,” one person said. “It’s tough love and support. We’re telling him he has to learn from these things.”