Report: Jamal Crawford ‘Very Interested’ in Joining Cavs

by July 07, 2017

Jamal Crawford and LeBron James recently spoke, and Crawford is said to be “very interested” in signing a deal with Cleveland once he becomes a free agent this summer.

The Cavs aren’t the only team in the market for Crawford’s services.

The 37-year-old was dealt by the LA Clippers to Atlanta, and is seeking a contract buyout from the Hawks.


The most Cleveland could pay Crawford is the taxpayer’s mid-level exception to the salary cap (worth $5.2 million), but after conversing with James, Crawford is highly interested in joining the three-time defending Eastern Conference champs.


Sources indicated it was Crawford who reached out to James, who is vacationing with his family. James and Crawford have known each other for all of James’ 14 pro seasons (Crawford’s played 17), and Crawford has other friends on the Cavs, too.


Since it was reported early July 4 that Crawford would be part of a three-team trade to bring Danilo Gallinari from Denver to the Clippers and Crawford would end up in Atlanta, he’s been preparing to seek a buyout and hit the market as a free agent.


It’s hard to gauge the Cleveland franchise’s interest in Crawford, though James speaking to Crawford suggests it exists. If the Cavs chose not to use half or all of the mid-level exception on Crawford, then the most they could pay him would be the veteran’s minimum of $2.33 million.