Report: Lance Stephenson Has ‘Clashed’ With Hornets Teammates

by December 21, 2014

Not even halfway into his first season with the Hornets, it sounds like things have taken a turn for the worse for Lance Stephenson in Charlotte. Considered a big-time free agent signing this summer, Stephenson is reportedly already on the trading block. Why? According to the Boston Globe, Born Ready has “clashed” with teammates, and it hasn’t been pretty. Details:

While the Hornets are looking to make changes after a poor start for a team expected to make the playoffs, there is no certainty they will move recently signed Lance Stephenson, whose time in Charlotte has been disappointing at best. According to league sources, Stephenson has clashed with teammates, and coach Steve Clifford has placed the onus of Stephenson’s adjustment on the team’s veteran players, hoping they could police themselves and convince Stephenson to become more of a team player. Stephenson may become a more attractive piece near the Feb. 19 trade deadline, but the Hornets would want value in return.