Report: Lance Stephenson Turns Down $44 Million Offer from the Pacers

by July 02, 2014

Coming off the best year of his four-year NBA career – with averages of 13.8 points, 7.2 rebounds and 4.6 assists last season — free agent Lance Stephenson believes he’s worth more than the five-year, $44 million deal the Indiana Pacers have reportedly put on the table. β€œBorn Ready” may end up taking his act elsewhere this summer. Per ESPN:

“Lance and his representatives aren’t sure they’re going to be able to reach an agreement with the Pacers,” a source said. “It’s clear they want him back and he wanted to go back, but they may not be able to come to terms.”


Several clubs have reached out to Stephenson’s agent, Alberto Ebanks, to register their interest, most notably the Los Angeles Lakers and Chicago Bulls, according to sources.


Michael Jordan and the Charlotte Hornets also have interest in Stephenson.


While money is a factor, Stephenson will not simply go to the highest bidder, sources said. He wants to go to a team that is either a contender or a competitive up-and-coming club.