Report: Minnesota Timberwolves Still Want to Trade Ricky Rubio

by September 06, 2015

It seems like Wolves PG Ricky Rubio has been doing a lot of talking this summer. About Kevin Garnett. About Andrew Wiggins. About taking Minnesota to the playoffs this season. Unfortunately, it still sounds like the Wolves want to trade Rubio before he has a chance to do so.

The guys at Pro Basketball Talk transcribed this quote from Ric Bucher over at Bleacher Report:

I’m hearing that the Minnesota Timberwolves are actually look at potentially moving off of Rubio at this point. They’ve seen enough, and they do not believe that he is the future, in spite of the fact that he’s only 24. Now, they’ve tested the trade waters. I’m hearing that they’re quiet right now, but that they could return to looking to see what they could get for Rubio once the season begins and some things shake out for some other teams, because they don’t have any specific trade partners at the moment.

Correction: Earlier in the week, Jon Krawczynski of the AP chimed in to support a previous report claiming the exact opposite. (The conflicting reports on Rubio confused us, it happens.) See below: