Report: Monty Williams To Join Spurs Staff

by July 31, 2016

Monty Williams will reportedly join the Spurs in some sort of role after missing the majority of last season due to the tragic death of his wife, Ingrid.

Williams does not have an official title at the moment but the Spurs have welcomed the former Pelicans head coach to join the staff in either a coaching, player development, or front office role.

Williams, who was a part of the Thunder coaching staff before his wife passed away, is currently a part of the Team USA staff.

More from Marc Stein and ESPN

Sources told ESPN that Williams — who left the Oklahoma City Thunder’s bench in February after the tragic death of his wife, Ingrid — has been urged by Spurs coach Gregg Popovich to take as much of a role with the organization as he feels comfortable for the 2016-17 campaign.


The specifics of what role Williams would fill and how much time he could commit have not yet been determined, but sources say San Antonio has opened the door to either a coaching and player-development role or a front-office position (or a hybrid), depending on what he prefers.


One source close to Williams told ESPN that the 44-year-old “absolutely” intends to be a head coach in the league again after his expected stint with the Spurs. The source also said numerous teams, including Oklahoma City, have made similar offers to Williams for next season.