Report: NBA Salary Cap Rising to $94 Million

The NBA’s salary cap is expected to burgeon significantly this summer—the number, reportedly is $94 million.

The cap for this past season was $70 million.

Max player salaries will reportedly be $22 million for tier 1, $26.4 million for tier 2 and $30.8 million for tier 3 superstars.

Per Yahoo:

The NBA sent a memo on Friday afternoon that the Basketball Related Income (BRI) for this past season is ongoing and that the increased projection for the next salary cap is due to “business outperformance since the previous estimates.”


The NBA’s projected salary cap and tax level of $94 million and $113 million, respectively, have increased since the previous estimates done by the league and its players’ union.


The final amount for the salary cap remains ongoing, pending the completion of the 2015-16 BRI audit report on July 6, the NBA wrote in the memo.