Report: New York Knicks ‘Are in Play’ For Kevin Durant in 2016

by January 29, 2015

Been a pretty rough year for Knicks fans, but hey, here’s some …. uh, kinda good news. Kevin Durant might be on his way! This obviously far-fetched rumor comes courtesy of the NY Daily News

The countdown to Kevin Durant’s free agency has already begun in places like New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Washington and especially Oklahoma City, where the next 18 months will fly by faster than Russell Westbrook on the break.


Phil Jackson and the Knicks have until July 1, 2016 to get their house in order and here’s something Jackson and the legions of long-suffering Knicks fans — are there any other kind? — can latch onto: The Knicks are in play.


“No question about it,” says a person close to Durant. “Kevin loves Carmelo (Anthony). It could work in New York. But never rule out the Thunder.”

Also, per the News, KD is growing slightly unhappy with his OKC teammates:

Presti already made one significant trade this month by acquiring Dion Waiters from the Cavs. And according to a source, Presti nearly traded Reggie Jackson to Denver this week, but the deal fell apart.


The Knicks have expressed interest in Jackson, but for what it’s worth, the word coming out of the Thunder locker room is that Durant is not a big fan of the free-agent-to-be guard. And depending on whom you talk to, there are also whispers that Durant is growing increasingly frustrated with Westbrook, one of the league’s most dynamic players and whose style is shoot first, ask questions later.