Report: Pistons ‘Quietly Explored’ Trades for Andre Drummond and Reggie Jackson

The Detroit Pistons “quietly explored the trade market” for both Andre Drummond and Reggie Jackson, according to a published report.

In the end, nothing enticing materialized.

Team president and head coach Stan Van Gundy readily admits that his squad has struggled ever since Jackson came back from a left knee injury.


Opponents have outscored Detroit by seven points per 100 possessions with both Jackson and Drummond on the floor — a margin that would rank 29th among teams, per […] “Reggie came back,” Van Gundy said, “and we’ve struggled ever since.”


They needed talent; they would figure out the rest later. The figuring it out part has been harder than expected, especially with both Jackson and Drummond plateauing. Detroit has quietly explored the trade market for each of its franchise centerpieces, according to sources across the league, and come away disappointed with the potential return. (Van Gundy himself has said anyone is available for “the right price.”)


Any Drummond deal at the deadline is an extreme long shot, but Jackson remains in play for Minnesota, Orlando, New Orleans, or some mystery destination. Even if Detroit keeps him, missing the playoffs would put dramatic changes on the table this summer.

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