Report: Steph Curry Will Not Play In 2016 Olympics

by June 06, 2016

The MVP will not be heading to Rio this summer and will sit out the 2016 Summer Olympics to let his knee heal.

Marcus Thompson of the Mercury News reports that Curry might not be the only Warriors player to withdraw from the games as Andre Iguodala may stay in the U.S. due to concerns from the Zika virus in Brazil. If he makes the team, Draymond Green will travel below the equator to represent the country on the hardwood.

Pau Gasol has already come out and said that the Zika virus may stop him from playing for Spain in the Olympics.

More from Thompson and the Mercury News

According to multiple sources, Curry has already told USA Basketball he will not be playing for a gold medal. He will instead let his right knee heal.


This is good news for the Warriors, who usually like their players in these high-profile opportunities because it helps the overall brand. It’s a smart move by Curry, who is piling on the mileage now that the Warriors are champions


At 28, he should still be a top player when the 2020 Olympics roll around. He also has one more year to get through before signing his maximum contract. And with the Warriors two wins away from a second consecutive championship, a fresh Curry would be optimal next season.


Andre Iguodala could opt out as well due to concerns from the Zika virus epidemic in Brazil. Hs hasn’t told USA Basketball he is out and still wants to play. But he is keenly watching the developments.


Iguodala won a gold medal in the 2012 Olympics. Curry won a gold medal from the 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup. But neither Curry nor Klay Thompson has won an Olympic gold medal, which is on their basketball bucket list.


According to sources, players have been advised to not bring their families to Brazil and to sleep in malaria nets to avoid being affected. That raised red flags among some players.


A source close to Draymond Green, also in the pool of players from which the 12-man roster will be selected, will not be deterred by Zika fears. If he is invited to play, he will play.


Curry informed Team USA right before he returned to playoff action that he was opting out of this summer’s competition, which begins with a showcase in Las Vegass on July 22.