Report: Thabo Sefolosha Wins $4 Million Settlement vs NYPD

Thabo Sefolosha settled his lawsuit against New York City, stemming from a 2015 run-in with the NYPD that resulted in a broken leg.

Sefolosha will reportedly get a $4 million payout.

The Atlanta Hawks swingman alleged that cops “attacked and jumped” on him during the arrest.

Per the NY Daily News:

Sefolosha was patronizing the posh 1OAK nightclub in the early hours of April 8, 2015. After the 6-foot-6 Sefolosha left, former Knick Chris Copeland was knifed outside the club.


Sefolosha was on his way out with his then-teammate Pero Antic when NYPD Officer Jean Paul Giacona “abused his authority,” the suit claimed. “After being provoked by Giacona,” Sefolosha “referred to Giacona as a midget.”


“This settlement is not a concession that Mr. Sefolosha was blameless in this matter and there was no admission of liability by the defendants,” the city Law Department said in a statement, “but in light of the gravity of his injuries, the potential impact on his career as a professional athlete and the challenge for a jury in sorting out the facts in this incident, the resolution of the case was in the best interests of the City.”