Report: TWolves Attempted to Bring in Coach K

by June 26, 2011

The Minnesota Timberwolves’ coaching situation is still awkwardly up in the air, but the NY Daily News is reporting they tried—and failed, of course—to bring in Duke’s Coach K to guide the Ricky Rubio project: “The coaching carousel in Minnesota took an unlikely turn as Kurt Rambis was being thrown off and Bernie Bickerstaff was preparing to jump on. The ride operator, Timberwolves GM David Kahn, made a run at Mike Krzyzewski. Talk about a waste of time. Coach K once turned down a chance to go to the Lakers and coach Kobe Bryant in his prime. Did Kahn really think that he could get Krzyzewski to leave his Duke kingdom? He did. ‘He tried to get him,’ said one Kahn confidante. Kahn was looking for a miracle or two. The other miracle is turning Ricky Rubio into a first-rate NBA point guard. As he showed over the last two seasons in Spain, the T-Wolves’ No. 1 draft pick of 2009 can’t shoot consistently or beat people off the dribble. That was versus inferior competition in Europe. Now he’s supposed to be able to do those things against the top players in the world? No wonder Krzyzewski isn’t running to the Twin Cities anytime soon. ‘It’s unfortunate that Ricky Rubio is now going to be the face of that franchise, because he just isn’t good enough as a player,’ said one NBA head coach. ‘They’re doing that kid a great disservice.'”