Report: Warriors ‘Furious’ With Way Kevin Durant Was Treated In Return to Oklahoma City

by March 20, 2017

The February matchup between the Oklahoma City Thunder and Golden State Warriors was easily the most anticipated game of the season as it marked the first time Kevin Durant returned to OKC since signing with the Warriors. Unexpectedly, Durant was met with vitriol as Thunder fans rained down insults and chants throughout the contest.

According to a report from ESPN, Golden State’s organization was “furious and bewildered about the inactivity from Oklahoma City Thunder leadership” in the lead up to the game.

The report states that the Warriors felt that someone from the Thunder should have “addressed the media on Durant’s behalf to help ease the tension upon his return” and that the former Thunder superstar should have been publicly “acknowledged or thanked” for his time and contributions to the OKC community in a press conference.

From ESPN:

The Warriors’ belief, according to sources, is that the Thunder’s silence contributed to the raw emotions, outrage and indignation that created an unsettling, hostile atmosphere for a player many consider to be the franchise’s all-time best.


The Warriors felt, according to sources, that for a player who meant so much to a city — a small-market city at that — a courtesy greeting was in order from top brass, who should have issued their fans a reminder and proper perspective on Durant’s role in elevating the Thunder into a perennial championship-contending team.


There was no mention from the in-game operations staff about Durant’s return.

Thunder beat writer Royce Young pointed out that OKC GM Sam Presti did in fact thank KD for his time and helping to build the Thunder’s foundation:

The Warriors will be in Oklahoma City once again tonight. KD will reportedly not be on the sideline, he will instead be rehabbing and receiving treatment for his injured knee.

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