Report: Washington Wizards Targeting Ray Allen

by September 03, 2014

Free agent guard Ray Allen remains undecided on whether to play next season or hang up his Air Jordans for good. Still, the Washington Wizards are reportedly among the suitors vying for the 39-year old future Hall of Famer’s services.

The Wiz could only offer Allen the veteran minimum. Per CSN Washington:

Allen, however, has yet to notify his agent, Jim Tanner, if he intends to even play a 19th NBA season. The shooting guard averaged a career low 9.6 points per game with the Miami Heat last season before becoming a free agent.


Still, Allen can be a valuable role player on the right team and it makes sense for the Wizards to at least put their name in the conversation. Behind Bradley Beal, they could use another shooter to stretch the floor when he goes out and to improve the Wizards’ mid-range accuracy. Plus, coach Randy Wittman’s offensive scheme would seem to fit a shooter such as Allen who’d get clean looks from on corners threes.


Allen accepts coming off the bench and averaged 26.5 minutes per game last season. Would he take a veteran minimum one-year deal for $1.4 million, or something in that range? The Wizards wouldn’t have much more than that to offer. Allen will have suitors with championship potential interested in him such as the Cleveland Cavaliers.


11 comments on “Report: Washington Wizards Targeting Ray Allen

  1. JibbsIsBallin on

    Report: Reporters for every single team in the NBA reporting that their respective team wants Ray Allen.

  2. pposse on

    This is what I don’t get about the media..”Allen will have suitors with championship potential interested in him such as the Cleveland Cavaliers” – with all due respect, why is Ray Allen potentially going to the Cavs a bigger story than the Spurs wanting Ray Allen? The Spurs are the champs not the Cavs. Why not rehash the Spurs interest in Allen? The media’s agenda is to push Ray Ray to Cleveland and pat Lebron on his back for yet another ‘successful’ recruiting job.

  3. Fat Lever on

    This would be great for Beal, to learn from him. While the immediate impact for WSH wouldn’t be all that much, the long term effect on Beal’s game could pay dividends much greater.

  4. Lloyd on

    Hey man, A for effort Washington.

    That said, there’s no way that Ray Allen goes to the Wizards. Realistically, if he does come back, the leading choice is the Cavs and the second would be the Spurs.

  5. Tarzan Cooper on

    you are not suggesting the media over reports all things lebron at the expense of other teams, even the champs? no way that could ever happen

  6. Mike Julius on

    Well with all the reporting this summer, some people probably forgot the Spurs won last year lol. But if Miami had won….ohh boy

  7. bike on

    Several WNBA teams have also expressed interest in Ray Allen. He can play for them providing he promises to wear women’s under ware in his dreams.

  8. Measy10940 on

    Cant imagine Ray signing with the Wiz espcecially now that they have paul pierce on the roster, good luck though …

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