Reports: Jeremy Evans to Replace Iman Shumpert in Dunk Contest

Fan favorite Jeremy Evans will reportedly take the place of Iman Shumpert (and Jeremy Lin … oh no!). From the Deseret News and Hoopsworld: “Iman Shumpert of the New York Knicks will no longer compete in the dunk contest, according to sources close to the situation. Shumpert missed Monday’s game against the New Jersey Nets due to a knee injury and he’ll rest during the weekend. While he wanted to compete in the dunk contest, getting healthy is his top priority. Shumpert will likely be replaced by Jeremy Evans of the Utah Jazz. On Tuesday afternoon, the Utah Jazz’s official website announced that Evans was added to the dunk contest. They also released a video of Evans dunking and encouraging fans to vote for him on Saturday night. However, the video was removed shortly after being uploaded on the website. The NBA didn’t want the news leaking out until an official announcement was made. A press release will likely be distributed on Wednesday, officially announcing that Evans has replaced Shumpert.”