Richard Jefferson Kept Reminding Luke Walton That Warriors Blew 3-1 NBA Finals Lead

by October 13, 2016

Luke Walton had to hear from former college teammate Richard Jefferson all summer long, this after the Cleveland Cavaliers improbably won the NBA title after trailing 3-1 in the Finals.

Walton was an assistant coach in Golden State last season, and says Jefferson kept reminding him that his Warriors collapsed in historic fashion.

That’s just cold, RJ.

Per CBS:

“All summer long, I’ve had to hear from Richard,” Walton said on a recent episode of the podcast Open Run.


“Anytime we are doing anything competitive and his team is losing, he will be like ‘Hey, guys, I’ve been down way worse than this and won. So don’t worry about it.’ That’s his go-to line all summer.”

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