Richard ‘Rip’ Hamilton Mulling an NBA Comeback

by July 14, 2016

Richard Hamilton officially retired last year, but says he’s training for a possible comeback.

Rip is giving himself roughly a month to get himself in good enough shape to play in the NBA again.

Hamilton’s agent has informed teams that his 38-year-old client is potentially available.

Per CBS:

Stephen Jackson is hoping to try out for the Golden State Warriors and three-time All-Star Richard Hamilton is also attempting a comeback.


“I’m giving myself thirty days where I am really hitting the gym.” Hamilton said. “I’m working on my game. I’m in the weight room. I’m running my two, three miles a day. And I’m trying to see if my body can hold up. If my body can hold up after these thirty days, I will be making a comeback.”


But being out of the league for the past couple of years is a serious hurdle for Hamilton, which he is well aware of. That’s why Hamilton will make a comeback only if it is the right situation. […] “If I get the opportunity where I can come in and earn my minutes,” Hamilton said. “I think that I will be able to make an impact on someone’s NBA team.”