Rick Barry: ‘Pathetic’ When NBA Players Shoot Free Throws Under 70 Percent

Rick Barry doesn’t want to hear about players who struggle with free throws.

The 73-year-old Hall of Famer thinks that if NBA players really wanted to improve from the line, there are ways to boost their free-throw percentage to at least 70 percent.

Barry holds a career free-throw percentage of 89.3 percent while having famously shot the ball underhanded from the line.

Via FOX Sports:

“The bottom line is, they have an aversion to wanting to try the underhanded free throw. I just don’t understand why you wouldn’t try anything to try to get better and I don’t think your personal pride should come into play.


“There’s stuff out there to help these guys if they would look for it and be willing to get better. It’s pathetic if you can’t shoot 70 percent from the free throw line.”

Last week, Barry also said that “no team should ever be allowed to rest a player on the road” while speaking on a panel at SOS Club Outstanding Athlete Awards.

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