Rick Carlisle Says He Won’t Suspend Any of the Dallas Mavericks

by January 02, 2013

Head coach Rick Carlisle changed his mind regarding what was a hollow threat to begin with — no matter how terribly they play, the Mavs won’t be facing any kind of suspensions. Per the Dallas Morning News: “There is no threat of suspension, he said before Tuesday’s game. ‘We talked about some things after the game the other night,’ he said. ‘But nobody’s getting suspended.’ He added that he remains confident the Mavericks can turn things around. ‘I think we have guys that care, guys that want to win,’ he said. ‘It’s my job to give them the direction and facilitate those things happening better. It’s always going to start defensively and with rebounding. That’s been an emphasis in recent practices. And we’ve got to do a good job of taking care of the ball. When we don’t, that’s going to cause problems for us.'”