Ricky Rubio: Not a Fan of Pre-Draft Workouts

by June 23, 2009

It’s the crushing loneliness of it all, according to the young Spaniard: “Ricky Rubio’s second Sacramento visit was much like his first, a covert operation that was seen as mysterious and methodical by some, maddening and manipulative by others. But there was one significant difference this time around: he worked out…While the session remained secret at the request of his representatives, he told The Bee it was a necessary exercise that hardly showcased his game. ‘It’s difficult to show them what I have to do on the court, because there are no teammates and nobody there,’ Rubio said at the Sacramento airport just before leaving town. ‘I can’t show them what I do on the court. This workout is not my style. I need my teammates around me to play basketball. I was alone.'”