Rip Hamilton: 2004 Pistons Would Beat 2016 Warriors

It’s been a while since some old-timers scoffed at the current Golden State Warriors’ dominance, so Richard Hamilton and Tayshaun Prince are here to fill the void.

Both former Pistons, unsurprisingly, pick the title-winning Detroit squad from 2004 as the victor in an imaginary NBA Finals matchup with this year’s Dubs.

Hamilton says the Pistons were a more well-rounded team:

“It would be no comparison.” Hamilton said on CBS Sports’ NBA Crossover. “We can guard every position. Every guy from our point guard to our five, can guard any position. We were big. We were long.”


“It depends on what the rules are.” Prince said. “Because back when we played, we could play hands-on, physical. As you can see from the Pacers rivalries and all of the rivalries we had back in the day, we were scoring in the high 70s, low 80s. We were physical. So now if you play this style of play, where they’re running and gunning and touch fouls and things like that, all of sudden we would start getting in foul trouble because back when we played, we were very, very aggressive on defense.”

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