Rivers, Garnett See Chris Bosh As Series X-Factor

by April 30, 2011

by Ryne Nelson

The Heat/Celtics match-up isn’t the most-anticipated series in Round 2 for no reason. Among the many storylines is which Chris Bosh will show up against Kevin Garnett and the Cs.

Doc Rivers and KG both know the Heat will be near impossible to beat in a best of seven if Bosh is playing on point, as he did in Round 1 against the 76ers.

Paul Flannery of WEEI has the report:

“The Celtics know all about LeBron James and they have dealt with Dwyane Wade in the playoffs before, but they will also be paying close attention to Chris Bosh in their conference semifinal series and for good reason.

‘When Bosh plays really well they blow teams out, Kevin Garnett said. ‘It’s not even close.’


‘LeBron and Wade are going to be LeBron and Wade,’ Doc Rivers said. ‘They were great before the series, they’ll be great during it and they’ll be great after it and this summer when you’re talking about it you’ll say LeBron and Wade are great players. That’s not going to chance. But when Bosh plays great, then their team plays great. He’s a key guy for them.'”

The Heat were 1-3 against the Celtics in the regular season. Bosh didn’t play particularly well, either, averaging 15 points and just over 8 boards against the Green in the regular season.

The Heat may still win the series without Bosh going Beast Mode. But it’ll be tough Miami to lose is if he does.