Rockets Owner Calls James Harden ‘the Best Player in Basketball’

Houston Rockets All-Star guard James Harden used the national TV spotlight Sunday to make his case yet again for the MVP award.

According to guy who signs Harden’s paychecks, Leslie Alexander, The Beard is now the NBA’s top dog (something Harden certainly wouldn’t argue against.)

As for the Rockets’ title chances this season, Alexander says that depends largely on Dwight Howard’s health.

Per the Houston Chronicle:

To Rockets owner Leslie Alexander, guard James Harden is out in front in the race for MVP to the point he said that should be the opinion of those without a connection to the franchise.


“He’s the best player in basketball,” Alexander said. “He’s having the best year of anybody, no question.”


Alexander said the Rockets could have a long playoff run, depending on Dwight Howard’s comeback from his knee edema. Howard is expected to have an MRI on the knee this week, but Alexander said Howard’s progress in workouts will reveal more about his condition and timetable to return. […] Howard has been running on a weight-controlled treadmill, along with his usual swimming and weight lifting training.