Rockets to Match Kyle Lowry’s Offer from Cavs

Houston wasted little time in securing the fifth-year point guard. The Houston Chronicle explains: “The Rockets might have indulged in a moment of sticker shock. They should not, however, have been at all surprised with the offer sheet Kyle Lowry received, worth roughly $24 million over four years. But if they wish, they could spend a moment mildly taken aback with the deal. Then they matched it … They always said they would, starting March 9 when Lowry came back from his injury. GM Daryl Morey gave his reasons, and they were good reasons then, and they are good reasons now. Failing to match would have been announcing that they were just posturing, and it would be remembered the next time a restricted free agent is shopping for a deal, with next time scheduled for roughly 10 minutes later when the phone in Luis Scola’s agent’s pocket starts ringing. That, however, is not even close to the only reason to match. The Rockets’ season went south when Lowry went out. When teams spoke of all that Rockets grit and toughness, they were describing Lowry. He was not the only one that showed it, but he helped give the Rockets the quality that defined them through the first months of the season.”