Ron Artest Switching to No. 15 Jersey

by August 21, 2010

Ron Ron is coming full-circle. From the Orange County Register: “Artest became a champion wearing No. 37, but he put in the request late last season with the NBA to switch to his college number at St. John’s and the first number he wore in his NBA career: 15. Artest started out with the Chicago Bulls wearing No. 15, then wound up switching to Michael Jordan’s No. 23 with the Indiana Pacers. Artest has also worn Nos. 91, 93 and 96 in his career. Artest switched from No. 91 in Indiana back to his original No. 15 in 2005 for the season after he was suspended 73 games by the NBA for his infamous night in Auburn Hills — but he was traded from Indiana to Sacramento just 16 games into that season.”