Ron Artest’s Twitter Gaffe

Twitter is quickly becoming the bane of every agent and League exec’s life: “While the Rockets made their pursuit of a center their initial free agent priority, there was a brief, but alarming sign that Ron Artest was ready to move on. It was a false alarm. A message attributed to Artest — ‘THANKS A LOT HOUSTON 🙂 I HAD A LOT OF FUN.’ — appeared on Twitter late Wednesday. Artest’s agent, David Bauman, said that the message was sent by an imposter. ‘That is not Ron’s account,’ Bauman said. ‘That’s what happens with the so-called new media.’ Bauman had said on Tuesday that Artest’s ‘first choice’ was to return to Houston. Although Bauman would not discuss anything about talks with general managers, he and the Rockets were not expected to begin negotiations until today at the earliest while the Rockets made their pursuit of Orlando center Marcin Gortat their first step in free agency.”