Round 2 of Why it’s Hott: Let’s get random

By Konate Primus

New week, new stuff. This week I got some pretty cool stuff. My man Kevin Armenta from Phoenix, AZ blessed me with a fly T that you wont find anywhere else. As a tribute to Dennis Johnson, he used his skills and mustered up this article of clothing. The definition and character shown is ridiculous. It’s almost hard to believe that he did it with a sharpie marker. He does custom orders also, so you can get at him by way of phone if you are feeling his work. 623-329-8681.

Next up at bat are my boosts training shoes. These aren’t the best of looking shoes but sometimes you have to take an L and do what you have to do to get to the next level in your game. The boost shoe gives you support and trains your calf muscles for explosive actions. Originally designed for volleyball players to get more ups. I don’t see why ballers can’t use ’em, besides it never hurts to add a couple inches to your vertical. You could purchase them for a nice $140. If you’re serious about your game, it’s worth it.

You ever wonder how the hell D-Wade fell 7 times and got up 8? Well here is the answer. D-Wade wears McDavid’s hex pads that cushion his fall. These pads are as thick as two magazines and they are probably one of the smartest on court products ever made. I played ball recently at my gym and I had no worries what so ever. When you wear these pads, it takes the fear of God away from you. That padding sure as hell makes you think you’re invincible and allows you to play thinking you’re not going to get hurt. Definitely a must cop!

All Day I Dream About Sunglasses? Adidas hit this one on the head when they sent over these pair of fly ass shades. Just in time for spring and summer sun rays. I don’t recommend these be your everyday shades but I do suggest on those days you feel like stunting, when you’re at the beach or you just look that good you most definitely have to break these out. They are very Kanye West-ish; I like to call ’em “attention grabbers.” You can buy ’em at when you’re ready to start stunting.

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