Roy Hibbert on Bulls: ‘No Way They’re Going to Sweep Us’

by April 18, 2011

Despite their heartbreaking loss in the series opener, Pacers’ big man Roy Hibbert can’t imagine his team getting swept out of the postseason by Chicago. From the Sun-Times: “[Tom] Thibodeau may be a rookie Bull rider, but this ain’t his first rodeo. By contrast, the Pacers aren’t staying on message as tightly. While coach Frank Vogel was insisting, ‘This will be a good series,’ center Roy Hibbert said, ‘We’re going to shock people. There’s no way they’re going to sweep us.’ How many wins does it take to make a good series? Will the Pacers be swept? Boozer declined to offer up his view of Hibbert’s guarantee. ‘I think talk is cheap, to be quite frank,’ Boozer said. ‘Talk doesn’t do much for me.'”