Roy Hibbert Training With Tim Duncan

by August 20, 2013

While bragging about training with Tim Duncan, Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert scoffed at fellow NBAers playing in Pro Ams throughout the summer. Per Hibbert’s Twitter and the Pacers’ website: “I seek out the best 2work out w/. No pro ams. In Texas 2work w/ a HOFer. How u gonna get better paying against scrubs’ […] For the past few years, Pacers center Roy Hibbert has spent time during his summer working out with some of the all-time great big men in NBA history. Three years ago, it was Hall of Famer center Bill Walton. More recently, it has been with his mentor, Tim Duncan — one of the most consistent and talented bigs in the league over the last three decades. Since being drafted No. 1 by the Spurs in 1997, he has led them to incredible success, including four NBA Titles. […] Hibbert said in late July that the plan was to work out with Duncan ‘for a week or two, probably in August.’ As expected, he went into Duncan’s training grounds in San Antonio on Monday for a workout with fellow bigs. How serious is Big Roy about soaking in all he could from Duncan, both on the court and in the weight room? Hibbert brought his strength coach, Mike Robertson, with him. Hibbert greatly respects Duncan’s game and the two are close friends. They text often throughout the season, with Hibbert trying to absorb as much as he can from the future Hall of Famer.”