Royce White Denies Domestic Violence Allegations

by September 06, 2013

Sixers forward Royce White responded to media reports that he was under police investigation for an alleged domestic violence incident. White and his lawyers say his name will be cleared soon enough. Per the Houston Chronicle: “On Thursday, White released a statement through his lawyer: ‘Royce has seen today’s media reports that law enforcement in Texas is investigating claims of domestic violence by a terminated and disgruntled former employee of his charitable organization. Royce vehemently denies the allegations and is looking forward to a speedy and just resolution of these unfortunate and unfair claims. It is all too easy to make allegations, especially when directed at a person who is in the public eye. Royce hopes that the media will be equally attentive when these allegations ultimately are rejected.’ […] No charges have been filed against White. White was the 16th overall pick in the 2012 NBA draft for the Rockets. He was traded in July to Philadelphia.”