Royce White ‘Optimistic’ About His Future in the NBA

by December 03, 2013

After being let go by the Philadelphia Sixers, Royce White’s future in the League didn’t seem all that promising. According to the 22-year old, however, he thinks that he can back in the NBA (and says he’s willing to fly from city to city.) Per USA Today: “I’m optimistic it will happen,’ the former Iowa State star said. ‘We’re in contact with some teams. “Quite a few more than expected. People are more understanding than you think. It’s not an insensitive crowd. There are teams involved. It’s finding a situation that’s appropriate.’ White has a well-documented anxiety disorder that has prevented him from playing. He was cut by the Philadelphia 76ers in October. ‘Basketball is in a flux for me at this point, but it’s something that happens to a lot of guys in their early careers,’ said White, 22. ‘For me, it’s can we find a team that has the right setup, has an open mind, wants to understand what I’m saying, and other things that we’ve discovered since I’ve been in the league.’ White’s anxiety disorder includes an occasional fear of flying, although he flew to the 76ers’ preseason games. ‘That’s been overblown, but that is the world that is the media,’ he said. ‘I flew the preseason without medication, partly to show that I was willing to travel and to see if I could do it.'”