Rudy Gay: ‘I Don’t Even Know Who Our New Players Are’

by July 27, 2016

Sacramento Kings forward Rudy Gay is very frustrated, and didn’t hold back in his comments while speaking from his summer camp.

Gay, 29, claims not to even know which new players the team acquired this summer.

The veteran forward is well aware of the organization’s ongoing efforts to ship him out of town.

Per Sactown Royalty:

You mentioned people are wondering if you are going to be here next season. I imagine you are like most of the guys in the league and try not to pay attention to that stuff, but do you pay attention to trade rumors and does it bother you?


“I mean it’s been pretty loud as of late so it’s hard not to pay attention to it. I think it just goes to, I don’t know, I think there’s always ways to do things and in this situation I don’t think it’s going about the right way. No matter what your intentions to do with your players, I would think the first thing you want to do is make sure people are happy with what you are doing. That hasn’t been the case.”


So you haven’t had much communication with the franchise as far as your future?


“No, I haven’t. I’ve had communication, but not the kind of communication that I would say I like.”


So how about next season? What do you think about Dave Joerger and if you are still here, what do you see the potential of the team being?


“I don’t know. Honestly, I haven’t paid attention. I don’t even know who our new players are to be honest with you. I’ve just been focused on trying to be healthy and trying to get in shape and get ready for the season, wherever that might be.”

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