Rudy Gay Wants $50 Mil

by November 02, 2009

There’s no beating around the bush from Rudy: “With Monday the deadline to sign a contract extension, Memphis forward Rudy Gay said it will take a deal of about $50 million over five years to get his signature. Monday at midnight ET is the deadline for Gay and other first-round picks from 2006 to sign extensions that would kick in for the 2010-11 season. If Gay and other eligible players don’t sign, they become restricted free agents next summer. Gay said his agent, Jeff Austin, told him Friday it’s “50-50” an extension will be reached by the deadline, and he planned to talk with him again late Sunday night. ‘If it’s not 50, if it’s more, I stand behind him,’ said Gay, speaking of Austin being able to negotiate a contract in excess of $50 million over five years. ‘I’m not going to turn it down.”’