Rudy Gobert Calls Out Teammates: ‘Some Of Us Don’t Compete’

by March 26, 2017
Rudy Gobert Top 50

The Jazz have lost four out of its last five down the stretch, including a 108-95 defeat at the hands of the Clippers last night, and rumblings of selfish behavior are starting to spread in the locker room.

During postgame media availability, Rudy Gobert called out his teammates for not being competitive and said that some guys only care about individual stats instead of winning.

From ESPN:

“We’ve got guys that compete, but some of us don’t compete. Some of us just think about scoring,” Gobert told ESPN after Utah’s fourth loss in its past five games. “That’s what it is.


“Coach keeps repeating it: We’ve just got to compete. We’re too nice. Those guys, we know they’re going to get calls. We’ve just got to come out aggressive and ready to fight.”

Gobert continued and went on to say the team “has to be ready to sacrifice” in the playoffs:

“I think everybody needs to think about making plays for the team, making winning plays, before thinking about how many points we’re going to score and stuff like that,” Gobert said. “Everybody has to be ready to sacrifice. In the playoffs, it’s not going to be pretty. There’s going to be some games where you don’t score. But are you going to take a charge for a teammate? Are you going to come and box out DeAndre [Jordan] for a teammate?

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