Rudy Gobert Vows to Return ‘Stronger’

by November 14, 2017

Jazz center Rudy Gobert will miss the next four-to-six weeks with a right bone bruise, but says he’ll be “back stronger.”

Gobert remains confident in Utah’s ability to win games without him.

The 25-year-old big man leads the NBA with 2.5 blocks per game.

Per the Deseret News:

“I’m confident that the team is going to win games even when I’m not here and I’ll be back stronger,” Gobert said to a handful of reporters. “It’s like an all-star break before the all-star break.


“So everything is good, I’m confident and nothing’s changed,” he added. “No team goals. No individual goals. Everything’s good.”


After learning about [Dion] Waiters’ call for him to get out his feelings, Gobert offered a witty response of his own.


“It’s not my feelings, it’s my knee,” Gobert said. “I mean, I like to play basketball so sometimes if someone takes that away from you, you’ve got to get in your feelings for a reason.”