Russell Westbrook: ‘Guys Who Don’t Play Defense Make the All-Defensive Team, Honestly’

No one has been able to stop Russell Westbrook this season as he is currently averaging a triple-double on the season. During yesterday’s practice, Westbrook was complimentary of his teammate Andre Roberson and said that he is one of the few guys who should be on the All-Defensive team strictly for his defense, not because of his name:

From NewsOK:

“Yeah, like I said before, guys that they put on the defensive team they give to them before the damn season starts,” Westbrook said Tuesday at Thunder practice. “Guys (who) don’t play defense, honestly.”

Westbrook also went on to say he doesn’t care about defensive analytics numbers and that he knows a good defender when he sees one:

“He actually locks up and defends and people can’t score. It’s actually one-on-one defense. I don’t care about all the defensive numbers, all this other sh*t, I don’t know – percentages, winning the game – that doesn’t matter. When you’re on the court and you see the things he does defensively and people that actually watch the games and know what it means to actually guard somebody, then they can see what All-Defensive team is.”

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