Russell Westbrook: ‘I’m Not Making No Adjustments’

by June 17, 2012

For some reason, tons of NBA fans and media seem to have a problem with the way Russell Westbrook plays the game of basketball—too much shooting, too much aggression, not enough passing, not enough acting like a “true point guard,” whatever that means. In response to people who feel such a way, Westbrook says he isn’t changing his style on the court (or off of it, for that matter) at all, as the Washington Post reports: “Westbrook had 27 points, 11 assists and eight rebounds in a 105-94 win Game 1 and 27 points, eight rebounds and seven assists in Thursday’s 100-96 Thunder loss in Game 2. Westbrook took 24 shots in the opener, 26 on Thursday, but his 18 assists are the most among anyone in the series. ‘I’m not making no adjustments,’ Westbrook said, when asked about being a better point guard. ‘There’s always room for improvement, always room to get better. But the style of play that I play with, that’s not changing.’ Westbrook’s style works for him, for his team, and has Oklahoma City within three victories of an NBA title. He has the instincts of a scorer and not a setup man. ‘He’s such an aggressive, attacking player; I think even when he makes mistakes at times that they live with it because he creates so much on those assaults to the rim,’ Heat Coach Erik Spoelstra said. ‘That relentlessness is probably part of his greatness.'”