Ryan Hollins Working as a Sports Broadcaster During NBA Lockout

NBA players have taken a variety of side gigs during the current work stoppage – from internships with various organizations, acting roles, overseas hoops, etc. – but Ryan Hollins isn’t working just to pass the time until the League returns. He’s also preparing for his post-NBA days. From FoxSports: “Like his colleagues in the NBA, Ryan Hollins would rather be playing basketball. But as the lockout stretches into its fourth month with no end in sight, the former UCLA Bruin is making plans for the future. Hollins, a backup center on the Cleveland Cavaliers, is taking a shot at broadcasting, offering analysis on Bruins telecasts for FOX Sports West before and after games and during halftime. ‘The saying goes, you take lemons and make lemonade, right?’ Hollins said. That’s exactly what he’s doing. The lockout has begun costing players their bi-monthly paychecks, so Hollins, a five-year veteran, wants to begin preparing for life after the NBA while he has a chance. He’s only worked two games, but so far, so good. ‘I love it,’ he said. ‘I want to tackle this just like any other task, any other profession. I know I’ve got to be better and I want to work to be better, but so far I love the thrill of commenting and seeing the potential and the things I need to work on.’ Hollins, 27, got his first taste of broadcasting at a class offered by the league to players interesting in pursuing a TV or radio career. The class took place in July at Syracuse University, where he was one of about a dozen players who attended. It’s not as easy as it looks, Hollins said. Broadcasting requires an ability to think quickly and speak with authority while simplifying the game for viewers. Not tripping over your words helps, too.”