Samuel Dalembert Talks About Haiti

by January 14, 2010

With a heavy heart, Sammy D — whose foundation is doing all it can to help victims of the earthquake — offers his thoughts on his home country: “He’s still reeling from Tuesday’s horrific news that hundreds of thousands of people are reported dead after a 7.0-magnitude earthquake decimated his home country of Haiti. The pictures on television are bone-chilling: dead bodies lying in the street, buildings crumpled to the ground and overall shots of mass destruction. The views of his country are almost surreal. ‘It’s so tough because I’m here and there hasn’t been much I can do,’ Dalembert said. ‘I’ve been trying to reach family, friends and other people to know to see if they’re OK. But Haiti isn’t like here. Getting a hold of people isn’t always that easy. Knowing what has happened, it’s even harder. I basically feel helpless.’ Dalembert found out about the tragic occurrence after a friend left a message on his cell phone Tuesday afternoon. Thankfully, he learned via e-mail that his father is alive. Dalembert also has a 16-year-old sister and a 15-year-old brother along with a number of other relatives. His grandmother, Hypromene Charle, mother and another sister live in Florida.”