Save the Warriors (Girls)

by July 31, 2007

By Sam Rubenstein

Hi everybody! Mutoni is sick, possibly puking his guts out right now. Also, you may have noticed our site is morphing once again. I couldn’t help monitoring your conversation. There’s no mystery about the site. Why, it’s simply different. Now, let’s have no more curiosity about this bizarre cover-up.

One thing I have done over the past week is turned both of our slamonline interns, Ben Collins and Jon Wiener into human blog aggregators. Instead of me lazily eyeballing way too many NBA blogs, I have the two of them go through lots of blogs and then email the highlights. It’s kind of like I’m the President and they are cabinet members. Or so that’s how West Wing and 24 makes it seem. And now we read from the enemies list…

Um, never mind that. Anyways, the “other news” section will in theory be effective soon, but here we go with some blog hits as well as some other news items.

Remember how the Golden State home playoff games were the most bananas, out of control, amazingly exciting thing to happen all year? Well, how soon we forget. Golden State of Mind is rallying people to the cause for their beloved Warrior Girls, who have been perhaps treated unfairly by team management.

WHAT: Warrior Girl procedurial protest
WHEN: Friday, August 3rd, 3PM
WHERE: in front of Oakland Convention Center (or in Front of the Warriors office?)

Several hundred Warrior fans will meet in front of the Oakland Convention
Center to demonstrate the injustice the Warriors have shown towards former
Warrior Girl team members. The new team was selected in an unfair manner.
We will bring signs and make our voices heard.

Speak out against injustice!

And while we’re on the West Coast, have you ever thought about who would make up the All-Hyphy team? Sactown Royalty does!

Hey, the Rockets signed Steve Francis a few weeks ago. I wonder if there’s a video blend of Francis, T-Mac, and Yao. Oh wait, Rockets blog found one.

Andre Iguodala is working out with Team USA. I put up a mysteriously invisible “other news” post about how Samuel Dalembert is trying to play for Canada. Ah, people in America and Canada working together for a common goal. What a beautiful metaphoric way of bringing this back to our international relationship with Mutoni. Awwwwwwww.