by October 17, 2007
By Matt Caputo

The National Professional Basketball League (N.P.B.L.) held it’s first season last year operating in six small markets in the northeast (New Paltz, NY, Danbury, CT, Brewster, NY, Delaware, Virginia and Maryland). From looking at the league rosters and from what’s being said about the new NPBL, it’s entry level pro basketball with a lot of good small college players. They league isn’t competing with the CBA or D-League, but it is offering players from smaller schools a chance to break into pro ball.
The Hawks won the first NPBL title last year and their owner, Tim Gines, vows that “the championship will remain in the Hudson Valley.”
The Hudson Valley Hawks will be hosting open tryouts for the 2008 season. Tryouts will be held at the Golds Gym in LaGrange (Poughkeepsie), from 1-4 pm. Registration fee is $100 per player. Pre-register now by calling the Hawks home office at 845-231-2317 or come early and register.