Serge Ibaka Thinks He’ll Soon Be an All-Star

by July 29, 2011

Serge Ibaka is a confident young man, who thinks he’s on the path to NBA stardom. Who are we to tell him he’s wrong? From Hoopshype: “Do you think you have the potential to be an All-Star? SI: ‘Yes, I see it happening in one or two years.’ Playing for a team like Oklahoma City, with guys like Kevin Durant or Russell Westbrook, do you think you can have a bigger role offensively than you’ve had so far? SI: ‘Well… I feel very good about my current role. They will both help me improve my offensive game. On the defensive end, the role I have is very important for me. If one day I become an All-Star, it will not be only because of my offensive game. My job on the defensive end will count too.'”