Shane Battier Pushing for True Revenue Sharing Among NBA Teams, Players

by October 25, 2011

Shane Battier believes there’s more than enough money in the NBA pot for everyone to be happy. Per the Commercial Appeal: “Aside from attending a union meeting in June, Battier has kept up with the proceedings from afar, stating that it’s hard to have the necessary frame of reference if you’re not able to attend every meeting. However, he has managed to stay in contact with members of the executive committee. Having played for both a small market team in Memphis and a large market one in Houston, Battier has seen firsthand the discrepancy of revenue sharing, which is why he believes that could be one of the keys to getting a new CBA completed. ‘Teams like Memphis, Milwaukee, Sacramento, they’re at a disadvantage because of the economics of their cities,’ he said. ‘I would like to see us have a true partnership in every sense of the word. Let’s all share. This is an unbelievable game. This is an unbelievable opportunity for both owners and players. Let’s be partners. I think that extends to revenue sharing.'”