Shane Battier Says Chris Bosh Has Few All-Star Votes Because He’s an ‘Intellectual Player’

by December 23, 2013

Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh isn’t the most popular player among fans who vote for who plays in the NBA’s All-Star game. According to teammate Shane Battier, Bosh’s intellectual curiosity works against him when it comes to the popularity vote. Per the Palm Beach Post and Miami Herald:

In the first release on voting totals this year, about two weeks ago, he was in fifth place for the two frontcourt spots. (LeBron) James and Indiana’s Paul George are running away with the starting positions at 609,336 and 489,335 votes, respectively. Bosh was at 156,364.

“The fact that he’s an intellectual player works against him,” Battier said. “He may not be as cool as some of the other guys in the eyes of the voters out there. He’s intellectual and introspective and into different things, and I think that’s the reason. It’s very sad. But it’s all-star voting. I mean, come on. Let’s be serious. It’s an extension of the NBA marketing.”

“It’s an All-Star Game,” Bosh said. “Nobody pays to see me. They pay to see LeBron and all the high fliers. I’m just there to have fun with it and get some shots up and that’s it.”