Shane Battier Wants to Become a High School Teacher

by February 09, 2011

When he retires from the NBA, Battier envisions himself in the classroom teaching high school students. FanHouse reports: “The Houston forward is 32, and has gotten to the point where he’s thinking about what he might do when his playing days are over. The 10-year man, who becomes a free agent this summer for the first time, figures he’s got three or four seasons left before he embarks upon a new career. ‘I’ve always loved to teach,’ Battier said. ‘I could see myself as a teacher helping young people in some capacity … I’ve always thought about teaching a life skills class. There’s so much common sense that kids never learn these days, like how to balance a checkbook, how to look over a mortgage agreement or an auto lease … Teach them skills that would really make a difference in their lives.’ Battier said it would be high school students he might like to teach. And how would he want to be addressed in class? ‘If I get the teaching degree, I’ll be Mr. Battier,’ he said.”