Shane Battier Worried About TMZ Sports

It isn’t just its competitors who are a little nervous; Shane Battier (of all people) is dreading the arrival of this website: “That’s the last thing we need as athletes,’ Shane Battier said. Battier told a reporter he was welcome to follow him around, but cautioned there wouldn’t be much dirt to be dug. But Battier recognizes he might be the exception, too. ‘The way I look at it is, people want to have the experience of being an athlete or being a rock star,’ he said. ‘Being on the inside… That’s what pro sports have sold, be it helmet cams or cameras in the locker room. It’s become a very, I think, dangerous thing, trying to mess with the integrity of the sport when you allow too much access. It’s unfortunate – I think it takes from our job, the sports side of it, and it makes more of a reality show.”’