Shaq Helping to Lighten KG’s Mood

O’Neal is making Garnett smile and laugh a lot more than he’d like to these days. From WEEI (via SRI): “On Shaq’s easy-going presence and if he thinks that’s had much of an effect on him: ‘Unfortunately, I do. I don’t like my mood to be lightened too much, man. I like to have an edge. When I take the floor, I like to be a certain way. I don’t do well when I’m giddy and kind of light. I do well when I’m dark and sort of concentrated. When I’m locked in, I look at myself as a threat. I don’t want to be too lighthearted when I go out there. Shaq is the opposite. He likes things light. He likes to keep you laughing. He likes the mood to be light. I think from Doc’s perspective — or anybody’s perspective — they tend to think that I’m too intense at times. And I can understand that. But hey, man, this is my makeup. This is who I am. This is what I’ve been for a long time. It’s gotten me to this point. Like anybody else’s personality it’s who they are. This is my makeup. This is who I am.'”