Shaq: LeBron James Not a ‘Scientific Dawg’ Like Kobe Bryant

You didn’t think we were done with excerpts from Shaq’s new book, were you? In the latest morsel from the tome, O’Neal compares three of the Hall of Famers he had the fortune of playing with in his career. From the Palm Beach Post: “On the pressure the [Miami Heat] faced, O’Neal writes: ‘LeBron, I think, was ready for it. The other two guys? I’m not sure. DWade is a clutch player, but he doesn’t like all the chatter. He wants good press. Anything negative gets him thinking about the wrong things.’ … Here’s more from Shaq, on the comparison between the two: ‘People ask me all the time: If you had to choose between DWade and LeBron, which would you take? Which one would you make the CEO? It’s really a tough question. LeBron is a better decision maker. DWade will hit more last-second shots. Lots of superstars in their position want and need to take the last shot. LeBron is more of an ‘opportunity’ CEO. He’s not afraid to take the last shot, but he won’t hesitate to pass it to an open Mike Miller either. So where do these two guys measure up against Kobe? Kobe is a scientific dawg. He works out every day, practices every day. Most of the other stars are just dawgs, not scientific dawgs. Me, I’m a freak-of-nature dawg because of my size. LeBron could be a scientific dawg like Kobe, but he’s got a lot going on like I did, so that’s preventing him from being one.'”