Shaq on Free Throws: ‘I Never Take Advice’

O’Neal doesn’t need your advice when it comes to his freebies, because that apparently leads to even more failure for him at the stripe. Riiiight. From WEEI: “Shaquille O’Neal has taken the third-most free throws of any player in the NBA (11,347), and trails only Wilt Chamberlain in the amount he has missed (5,974). But what he might lead the professional basketball-playing world in is something that no stat service will hand over – advice. Wherever O’Neal has gone he has been besieged by legions of well-meaning observers who swear they have the elixir to the big man’s free throw shooting woes. For those people, Shaq has a message: Don’t bother. ‘I never take advice,’ O’Neal told after Tuesday’s practice, saying he learned that lesson by his second season in the league. ‘Actually taking advice made my numbers drop. Whatever you use to get you to where you are at you should never change.'”